please pass this information on to parishionerswho may not see this website

PUBLIC MASSESfor the week commencing 1/2 August

If you would like to attend a Mass, please register your intention by texting or leaving a voice message at this number:

07935 526 655

this 'phone will be checked for messages/texts each day

it wont be answered by anyone, so you must leave a message or text

All at Our Lady of Mount Carmel – please note the times

4th August Tuesday 7.00 pm

6th August Thursday 9.30am

7th August Friday 7.00 pm

XIX Week in Ordinary Time

8th August Saturday 5.00 pm

9th August Sunday 10.00 am

The church will be opened 15 minutes before Mass. This is to minimise time spent with others in an enclosed place. All are encouraged to leave promptly after Mass and to observe social distancing when arriving and departing.

If leaving a voice message, please leave your name, the number of people in your family/social group and the date and time of Mass you wish to attend, and include your phone number if it is not normally displayed when calling.

If you are sending a text message, please send only your name and the names of others in your family or ’bubble’, along with the date and time of the Mass you wish to attend

for example: Peregrine Bloggs 2/08/20 10 am

If your registration is successful you will not be contacted.

The cut off for registering is 6.00 pm on Friday for Saturday/Sunday Masses and 6.00 pm on the evening before weekday Masses.

I will post on this site if there are spare places available after these times.

You can register for others outside your family / bubble who don’t have access to this web page or text facility, but please do so in a separate message.

Unfortunately, if you turn up without registering, it may not be possible to accommodate you inside the church due to social distancing regulations.

The obligation to attend Mass on Sunday is still suspended.

From 8th August 2020 people are required by HM Government to wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces where there are people they do not normally meet,this includes churches.There are exemptions to this requirement (link).

Please attend only if you are free from any symptoms associated with COVID-19 (e.g. fever/high temperature, persistent dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, sneezing/runny nose or loss of sense of taste and/or smell);

Please do NOT attend church if

you have COVID-19 symptoms or are awaiting results after being tested for COVID-19;

you’ve been in contact with any known or suspected cases of COVID-19 in the past 14 days;

you’ve returned from or been in contact with anyone who has returned from overseas in the past 14 days.

Many thanks to our volunteers who are kindly looking after our wellbeing.

Phone numbers and names will be kept securely for track and trace purposes for 21 days and then deleted.